Cam Thanh is one of the most beautiful and hidden parts of Hoi An – away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where most of the people are engaged in agriculture. Begin your trip with a boat ride on the picturesque Co Co river, while observing the unique fishing methods of the local fishermen. Take part in traditional Vietnamese folk games at our restaurant, followed by a hands-on, entertaining cooking class. Enjoy the fruits of your labour in the bamboo house surrounded by the sights of the river and rice paddies. The program ends with a short ride by buffalo cart.


Rice growing in Vietnam has an ancient history, and the country is one of world’s richest agricultural regions and is the second-largest exporter worldwide of rice. The tour begins with a short boat ride to our restaurant, during which you can enjoy the wonderful scenery and waterways of Cam Thanh. We invite you to experience wet rice planting with the locals – plowing the fields with water buffalo and transplanting the seedlings – while getting more insight into the planting and harvesting process explained by the farmers. After rice planting, learn how to make banh chung, the traditional lunar new year’s sticky rice cake, and you can participate in traditional Vietnamese folk games at the restaurant.


Visit Thanh Dong, the first and only organic farm in Hoi An & in Quang Nam province. Experience the daily life of the farmers through activities on the farm; learn more about the methods of chemicals free farming and its positive effects on the environment from the locals. Enjoy your lunch prepared from organic vegetables and various traditional Vietnamese games, like pottery smashing and catching fish by hand in our restaurant.