Discover Hoi An's rural charms on this cycling tour in Cam Thanh Village. Pedal through idyllic natural surroundings, wonder at the lush tropical landscapes, and explore Thanh Dong Organic Farm. Highlights: Scenic bike tour of gorgeous Hoi An’s countryside; Panoramic views of rice fields, small rural roads along the Do River; Enjoy rural scenery in deeply in the charming river air with rowing the bamboo basket boat through the coconut palm jungle; Visit to Mr. Tien Temple who are the first discoverer bird nest of Hoi An city and Thanh Dong Organic Farm called green environment with fragant flavours from various vegetables; Opportunity to join in a interesting cooking class with specific dishes by Vietnamese cuisine in the bamboo house for your appetizer. Email: sales@hoianetours.com. Tel: +84 90 112 72 99


Begin your trip with a boat ride on the picturesque Co Co river, while observing the unique fishing methods of the local fishermen. Take part in traditional Vietnamese folk games at our restaurant, followed by a hands-on, entertaining cooking class. Enjoy the fruits of your labour in the bamboo house surrounded by the sights of the river and rice paddies.Highlights: Immerge yourself into a typical Viet nam countryside with lots of amazing peaceful pictures drawed by village, local people and nature; Meet and talk with good- natured farmers in Thanh dong organic farm, listen to their stories about technique of cultivating organic vegetable; Incarnate a real Vietnamese farmer to get some fascinating experiences in growing vegetable; Take a basket boat trip on one of the most serene rivers in Hoi an; Challenge yourself with many lively folk games as well as cooking class in a unique bamboo house; Enjoy some special local food with particular flavours. Email: sales@hoianetours.com. Tel: +84 90 112 72 99


Escape the city and spend an evening indulging on the bamboo raft will be placed on the surface of the Co Co river bank. We aim to provide a unique dining experience on the countryside environment with a romantic atmosphere during your stay. You will be served with fresh food and daily catch from the surrounding river, fresh local vegetables will be prepared as appetizers. Highlight: Take a romantic dinner on the bamboo raft by candlelight with your loved; Enjoy the BBQ dinner prepared for you by the professional chef; Panoramic views of the countryside of Hoi An; Exploring the lesser-known parts of the water coconut forest. Email: sales@hoianetours.com. Tel: +84 90 112 72 99